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Careers at OpenPro

In the ever-changing world of ERP Software, direction, execution and profitability will differentiate the leaders in the industry. An experienced management team, challenging projects,  growth opportunities, motivated colleagues and an array of employee benefits are among the many reasons to join our team.


OpenPro is in a tremendous position to capitalize on the growth of  ERP software and services. This means growth for everyone at OpenPro and more career opportunities every day. Our employees are the reason we have come this far. As we grow, it is even more important to retain the passion, creativity, learning and fun that make OpenPro such an exciting place to be.

OpenPro is always on the lookout for self- motivated, goal-oriented and highly driven salespeople to join its team. If that describes you, then please contact us and find out more about current job opportunities.

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Current Openings


Sales Associate

PHP Programmers

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