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OpenPro Celebrates over 10 years of business

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OpenPro ERP Software History

OpenPro  was founded in 1998 with the goal of delivering high quality 'all in one' ERP Solution to businesses. Back then, customers needing ERP software had to spend millions of dollars and coordinate between three separate vendors to get the system up and running.  The internet access was not as robust and people were tired of hard to use ERP Software Package.  At the time, internet costs were high and speeds slow. Company founders, Hal Clark and partners, gambled that if they could deliver all three components in one package, and at an affordable flat rate, they would reach all the businesses previously locked out of the market by price or logistics.  OpenPro brought in designers from several packages, took the best features and functionality from them all and made a business rules based ERP package.   OpenPro offers a package that is feature rich like SAP and Oracle, but at a fraction of the cost.

The risk paid off, and by the year 2000 OpenPro had attracted sizable investment. A state of the art business solution built around open source technology, that is fully web based, and can run on any platform from a Apple Mac to IBM Mainframes. As the customer base grew, so did OpenPro, but never losing sight of quality customer service. Which is why, when much of the technology sector began to suffer in 2000/2001, OpenPro thrived on tremendous customer loyalty. Providing a reliable, quality service at an affordable price, proved to be a winning long term business strategy.  OpenPro was the first to use have a browser based (zero foot print, no client) ERP package, also first for using Open Source LAMP technology (PHP) as a real business solution. 

In 2001, OpenPro expanded its solution to include Financials, Supply Chain Distribution, Retail, and Inventory Control. This year OpenPro was the first to expanded its traditional Implementation method to include On-Demand, ASP and Software as a Service (SAAS).

In 2002, Manufacturing Shop Floor control, Bill of Materials, Product Routing, Document Imaging were added.  OpenPro was the first to include Document Imaging as part of the ERP software product.  OpenPro was first to include a knowledge base system with the system.

In 2003 Job costing, Project management, Work Flow and E-commerce modules were added to the suite.  OpenPro was the first to include a Paperless Work flow to ERP business Suite.

In 2004 Manufacturing MRP, Master Production Planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) were added to the suite.  RMA was added to the distribution suite.

2005 Fixed assets, Payroll and Executive Desktop were added to the system modules.  This year OpenPro started to expand by added Distributor to the help with the national installations and start the world wide distribution of OpenPro.

2006 and 2007 Expanded the International markets with Multi-currency, Language, Computerized Machine Maintenance, Human Resources and International Payroll systems.  OpenPro also expands it product line to include integration with Open Source PBX solutions, VOIP, Crystal Report writer and others.

2008 after 10 years in business doing stronger then ever.

OpenPro continued to grow, attracting larger corporations as clients and recording increasing annual profits.

Today, OpenPro continues to prosper in a competitive and volatile market by maintaining its reputation for high quality customer service, and responding to the shifting market needs of its customers with innovative product development and service consolidation.


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