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8 Reasons To Choose OpenPro

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Trust OpenPro, the  First Web Based ERP Solution
OpenPro has been around since 1998, we are the first fully on-demand web based ERP software solution on the market.  At OpenPro we believe  our success is dependent on the success of our customers.  Being customer centric is our way of life.  We live for our customers and we work hand-in-hand with them to ensure their OpenPro Implementation meets their expectation and enables their business to flourish. OpenPro has developed a web based ERP solution for business. OpenPro has features that are 5+ years ahead of our competition. Our fully integrated system includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Financials, Manufacturing, E-Commerce and more.   OpenPro delivers more value and more features.  OpenPro is a leader in licensed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software using open source technology.  We have the most experience of any web based application in the world.

Have it Your Way
We give you the choices, enabling you to select from a wide range of user-friendly software modules.  You can tailor solutions based on your specific requirements, providing confidence that your system will always be on the cutting edge of technology.  You choose your server operating systems, database,and   modules you require.   We make source code available to customers.  Customers may purchase the software, bring it in-house or have it hosted ASP, Cloud Base, On-Demand or as a Software As A Service (SAAS) solution. We have turn key solutions with IBM using Pure Applicaiton.

Source Code is Available
OpenPro is an open source product written in PHP. Unlike our competitors, our size allows us to be extremely agile, so we can incorporate new functions, technologies and changes sooner than industry standards. In fact, we will often incorporate new customer requirements prior to the system's purchase.

High Customer Satisfaction 
In addition to knowledgeable phone support, we offer emergency services to expedite technical diagnostics. In most cases, you can count on resolving your situation with one contact. Ongoing support service is strongly recommended to make sure you get the most out of your OpenPro system.

Unique Software and Hardware Independent platforms
OpenPro is a unique product that runs on all industry standard servers, clients and operating systems.   From Apples to IBM's. 

Quick Return on Investment
OpenPro has the fastest return on investment rate in the industry.  OpenPro is written using open source technology to give you a quick Return On Investment.

Ease of use
OpenPro web based design makes it easy to use and faster for training and implementation. With OpenPro everyone is a power user.  Built to unleash the power of your entire organization, OpenPro's user-friendly environment is as easy and intuitive to navigate as today's consumer web sites. We have integrated the latest desktop functionality, such as email, access to mobile devices, bar coding, office interaction, phones, faxes and printers.

Fast Implementations
OpenPro and its partners are trained for a fast and structured implementation approach.  Fast and efficient implementations save you money and a faster ROI.   OpenPro has an exclusive "ERP in a day" program, to get your system up and running in one day.

Request information Here regarding OpenPro Software

OpenPro is a pioneer in the ERP industry.

·         First fully web or browser based ERP software package on the market.  Requires no client.

·         First to integrate work flow in its ERP software package.

·          First to give purchase options, software as a service, or purchase, or lease in house or hosted.

·          First to use Open Source LAMP Technology with a complete ERP package.

·          First to include document imaging.

 OPENPRO Software
10061 Talbert Avenue # 200
Fountain Valley, California 92708
Voice: (714) 378-4600
Fax: (714) 964-1491

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