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Data Management and Model Driven Architecture

OpenPro employs a Model Driven Architecture (MDA) to enable broader application adaptability, faster deployments and lower cost of ownership than is possible with products utilizing earlier generation enterprise software architectures.

Without procedural coding or crafting of SQL commands OpenPro's Model Driven Architecture enables rapid application customizations such as:

  • Add a new column to a table
  • Add optional validation rules (list of values, range, etc.)
  • Redesign an application window to display the new column
  • Enter data into the new column through the application window
  • Create a report which includes the new column or uses the new column as a query parameter

What's more, you can complete all of these changes on your production system without any downtime in as little as five minutes. Complex customizations are also possible with OpenPro. For example, OpenPro supports field-, column- or record-level security, workflow, and multi-step transactions, but it may take a bit longer to implement these capabilities.

OpenPro is designed to be customized easily and to be upgraded to newer versions periodically. In the case above, the new column is marked as a user defined customization. Upgrading to a newer version of the OpenPro platform will not overwrite or undo previous customizations.

If you are using an older generation ERP system, any of the customizations described above will be significantly more difficult to complete. Changes will often require specialized personnel who have a deep understanding of previous customizations made to your system and who have expertise with a proprietary scripting language. Even then, applying the changes can take days and require downtime on your production system.

OpenPro Model Driven Architecture Advantages

OpenPro's Model Driven Architecture equips your organization to adapt your OpenPro solution quickly and easily to the inevitable changes your business will face. OpenPro provides:

  • Rapid customization of applications to specific business needs
  • Greater stability because windows and reports are generated from rules stored in an active Application Dictionary rather than programmed using 3GL code
  • Higher productivity for developers and users alike
  • Affordable customization of applications at any time without specialized programming staff
  • Preservation of customizations when upgrading

The OpenPro platform embodies the promise of rapid application development and rapid customization. No big bang deliverables. No lengthy trial and error designs. No costly interruptions to your business. Change the system and immediately get confirmation from the user that you delivered what they want.

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