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Executive Desktop, Business Intelligence and OpenPro

Hardware independent and software independent using the latest technology from OpenPro.com

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OpenPro is the leader in web-based ERP software using open source LAMP technology.

OpenPro has one of the best business intelligence executive desktops in the industry. It is based upon flash, very interactive, and includes complete drill downs into the OpenPro system. The system uses business intelligence, flash and a powerful SQL database to grab the data quickly. The end user has options of a combination of over 600 different graphs and data to display on a personalized desktop.

Shown below is a good sample:



All controls are user defined; you can create your own meters, graphs, pie carts and displays that show up when you log on.

OpenPro's Business Intelligence (BI) describes a set of concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support systems. BI is sometimes used interchangeably with briefing books, report and query tools and executive information systems.

OpenPro's BI technology system is designed to work effectively; a company will have a secure computer using OpenPro's built-in security system which can specify different levels of user access to the data 'warehouse', depending on whether the user is a junior staffer, a manager, or an executive. In addition, OpenPro's BI system has sufficient data capacity and a plan for how long data will be stored (data retention). Analysts should set benchmark and performance targets for the system.

OpenPro's Business Intelligence analysts have developed software tools to gather and analyze large quantities of unstructured data, such as production metrics, sales statistics, attendance reports, and customer attrition figures. Each user login or group has their personalized BI user interface; we typically develop Business Intelligence systems differently, to suit the demands of different sectors (e.g., retail companies, financial services companies, etc.).

OpenPro's Business Intelligence software and applications include a range of tools. Some BI applications are used to analyze performance, projects, or internal operations, such as AQL - Associative Query Logic; Score carding; Business activity monitoring; Business Performance Management and Performance Measurement; Business Planning; Business Process Re-engineering; Competitive Analysis; User/End-user Query and Reporting; Enterprise Management systems; Executive Information Systems (EIS); Supply Chain Management/Demand Chain Management; and Finance and Budgeting tools.

OpenPro BI technologies are used to store and analyze data, such as Data Mining (DM), Data Farming, and Data warehouses; Decision Support Systems (DSS) and Forecasting; Document warehouses and Document Management; Knowledge Management; Mapping, Information visualization, and Dash boarding; Management Information Systems (MIS); Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Trend Analysis; Software as a Service (SaaS) Business Intelligence offerings (On Demand) [similar to traditional BI solutions, but software is hosted for customers by a provider Online analytical processing (OLAP) and multidimensional analysis, sometimes called "Analytics" (based on the "hypercube" or "cube")]; Real time business intelligence; Statistics and Technical Data Analysis; Web Mining; Text mining; and Systems intelligence.

Other BI applications are used to analyze or manage the "human" side of businesses, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing tools and Human Resources applications.

Whatever your requirements are with Executive Desktop or Business intelligence, with OpenPro's web-based ERP software you see a nice organized summary of your business.

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