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System integration between OpenPro ERP Back office and other systems

OpenPro ERP Software has built in XML SOAP inteface to integrate with other custom systems.

OpenPro has built in integration with the following processes.

Credit Card Processers




        Hyla fax system

Email systems

        All normal standard email systems, mail servers, connected to the web server and gmail.

Phone Systems

        Trixbox , Asterisk


        All common websites.

Content manager

       WordPress, Joomla and Mambo

Ecommerce Shopping Carts.

       OScommerce, zendcart, Magento, wordpress woocommerce, wordpress commerce, Ebay, Amazon.com

Other Open Source Products

        Most highly used open source products

CRM systems

       Sugarcrm, Salesforce.com

OpenPro Interfaces systems

       Mobile access, Customer Portals, Vendor Portals, EDI integration, Time Card integration, Payroll integrations like Paychecks.

Other systems

       We have several custom intefaces to many of the common system used.

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