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Product Evaluations

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Below is a free evaluation between OpenPro and other ERP software solutions providers.  

OpenPro went to TEC ERP evaluation center to get an independent non-bias review. Below are the results of those reviews. The result can be different based upon hundreds of options that can be selected when running the comparisons.

OpenPro is a leader in licensed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software using open source technology. OpenPro offers world-class accounting and business management software solutions that give you more value and more features. The competition has a problem, they can not match our features, functionality and technology. Because the competition is years behind in technology, you will find OpenPro is the right product for your company. OpenPro also give free advice on how to select the correct ERP software.

OpenPro also offers the exclusive ERP in a day program that will get your system up and running in one day.

OpenPro is a pioneer in ERP industry.

•         First fully web or browser based ERP software package on the market.  Requires no client.

•         First to integrate work flow in its ERP software package

•         First to give purchase options, software as a service, or purchase, or lease in house or hosted.

•         First to use Open Source LAMP Technology with a complete ERP package.

•         First to include document imaging.

To make your own non-biased review go to http://www.erpevaluation.com/   

OpenPro has no ownership in this company.


Enterprise Tier 1 software comparison  SAP and Oracle

Bar Chart              Radar Graph

Mid-market level comparison Sage, Microsoft

Bar Chart              Radar Graph

Other Mid-Market comparison other packages

Bar Chart       

Open Source Product Comparison Compiere, OpenMFG

Bar Chart              Radar Graph

ASP product comparison Netsuite

Bar Chart              Radar Graph


Our customer service team is dedicated to providing first-class support. Our success is measured directly by the success of our OpenPro users.  If you have any questions please send us a message.




OPENPRO Software
10061 Talbert Avenue #200
Fountain Valley, California 92708 U.S.A.
Voice: (714) 378-4600
Fax: (714) 964-1491
Request information Here regarding OpenPro Software

Start off strong...finish stronger.
Start with a plan.

You know what you're looking for. Increased user productivity. Improved communications. Resource optimization. Reduced costs. The question is: how are you going to get there?

Our consulting services provide answers.
Long before you take your new system live, we start making the OpenPro ERP system work for you. With 20 years' experience, we know how to ask the right questions to ensure that we thoroughly understand your company's information needs so you can take full advantage of the OpenPro system. In addition, our industry knowledge helps us move you through the implementation process because we are so focused on your business. And from planning through execution, we are prepared not only to help you reach your goals, but to increase your return on your already sound investment in the OpenPro ERP system.

Our service teams will make sure you receive the timely response, personal attention and prompt assistance you need - no matter where your business takes you. Working with your internal team, our experts will help you make a smooth, effective and efficient transition from old system to new, so you can avoid the false starts and delays that may otherwise mean lost productivity and profits.

Then, over the years, our ongoing Consulting Services will help you respond to changing business or market conditions to assure your continued success. So when you purchase Consulting Services, you're getting comprehensive support services and a strong, reliable company devoted to long-term partnerships.

Successful implementation.
We shine when it comes to implementation and a smooth transition. From the beginning, you'll be assigned an experienced Enhanced Systems' consulting team member as your primary coordinator to orchestrate our broad range of services. In addition to focusing the work, this makes your job easier by giving you a single point of contact to get you the answers you need as you need them. And we work fast - it typically takes us just 60 days to initiate a live production. The next job is to establish OpenPro in your existing business environment. Our Implementation Program combines education, implementation consulting services and proven methodology to help you take advantage of the OpenPro system's powerful capabilities right from the start. It's a process that takes careful planning and collaboration. As you work with our highly skilled Implementation Consultants, you will see how quickly and easily you can achieve the results you want.

Following software installation, our technical consultants will help you train your staff to for ongoing tasks such as installing additional modules, handling print documentation on demand and using an array of OpenPro installation tools. We will also help you set up security and establish users and peripheral devices such as printers on your OpenPro system.

And, if you are like many of our customers who have a lean IT staff or may not even have one at all, you'll find that our experts are an invaluable resource for additional help with your technical decisions throughout the transition and beyond.

Our long-term commitment for your long-term benefit.
Our commitment to long-term partnerships is most evident in our range of continuing support services. To keep your system running effectively and efficiently over time, we offer a comprehensive program of periodic reviews and consulting.

Solving unique problems with application consulting.
Enhanced Systems' Application Consulting services are designed to ensure OpenPro is optimized for your business. Experts in finance, manufacturing, systems analysis and implementation provide on-site consulting as needed. When you need specific issues addressed, or when you have particular problems or questions, you get fast, courteous and knowledgeable attention and support from our professionals.

Optimizing performance with system consulting.
System Consulting helps you maintain and enhance system efficiency and effectiveness as well as staff productivity. Whether you want to improve system performance, resize your database or guarantee users satisfaction and productivity, Enhanced Systems can help.

System consultants are available for on-site, expert analysis of simple or complex performance issues. Their concise reports include findings and recommendations, so you can anticipate problems before they arise and make future plans with confidence.

Ensuring productivity with application reviews.
Change defines the business world. Survival is based on anticipating it. Our periodic application reviews ensure that your OpenPro capabilities are maximized for your business environment. Our team will review the system and make recommendations based on their findings and your concerns.

Support Services include:


Planning, implementation and ongoing consulting services are aimed at creating a system that continually meets - and exceeds - your needs and expectations.

Project management is all about maintaining control. From project planning, budgeting, performance and scheduling to ensuring flexibility, building teams, defining resource requirements and setting milestones, our systems implementation process makes the job easier.

Implementation is often a good time to review business practices and re-engineer them in light of your new objectives. We can help each of your teams through this key process and provide the technical assistance your IS team needs as well as intensive hands-on training and practical expertise...all with a very personalized approach.

In addition to basic technical skills, we provide a complete instructional package tailored to your needs. Early sessions include system basics, navigating applications, functionality and simulations. We can also incorporate more comprehensive skills with each user group based on their need.

No Enhanced Systems service is ever generic. Unlike other companies, we learn each functional area within your industry company and the tasks each person needs to do and we train on those specific tasks. So, instead of the large group classes of others, we teach your staff in small groups or one-on-one. This greatly reduces training time and costs and increases retention, because your people learn only what they need to know.

Every system conversion involves bridging the old system to the new - no matter what the old system is. Part of our implementation system support for your IS team includes discussing and demonstrating data manipulation techniques as needed. This additional support can prove invaluable in making a timely and successful cut-over.

Over the years, we've tackled some very challenging conversions, including converting data from a long-discontinued Winchester drive the manufacturer no longer supported. Even then, we captured the data and got the client up and running quickly and smoothly.

In addition to knowledgeable phone support, we offer pager facilities for emergencies and dial-up modem to expedite technical diagnostics. In most cases, you can count on resolving your situation with one contact. Ongoing support service is strongly recommended to make sure you get the most out of your OpenPro system.

OpenPro is constantly evolving with latest best practices, technologies and functionality. Our updates and new versions come from our observations, customer and manufacturing industry ideas and government requirements. Unlike many larger vendors, our size allows us to be our extremely agile, so we can incorporate new functions, technologies and changes much faster than many others. In fact, we'll often incorporate new customer requirements prior to the system's purchase.

Although most customers find the OpenPro system meets 80% or more of their requirements, we can also perform specific software modifications. If other customers can benefit from your change, it will be incorporated as a standard OpenPro enhancement and we will support it as part of your standard maintenance agreement.

Because we focus exclusively on the projects-oriented manufacturing industry, OpenPro often delivers a 90% or better fit right off the shelf. Best practices indicate initially using the OpenPro system in its original version. After live production, most users find that they no longer require the software modifications they thought they would need. When modification is still required, we work closely to understand and meet their requests efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.


Ten Straightforward Ways to Add Value to Your Business

The combination of a Web based ERP system, SQL data engines and OpenPro Software.

Increase employee productivity.

Your employees share accurate, up-to-date information more easily,
so they can work smarter and faster:

  • Provide concurrent access to real-time data
  • Simplify collaboration between people with integrated e-mail
  • Share files, schedules, and other critical information in a way that's easy to find and update

Make smarter decisions without wasting time.

You can be more competitive with a complete overview of your business from any angle:

  • Understand business trends, opportunities, and problems
  • Easily connect with suppliers and customers so you can focus on driving revenue up and costs down
  • Deliver personalized customer communications with a professional appearance

Take advantage of OpenPro's SQL Options.

Use OpenPro's Web Based ERP system and get a full SQL database engine.:

  • Simplified, integrated data management tools
  • Optimal levels of server performance and reliability
  • The ability to make full use of existing software and hardware investments
  • The strongest, most widely available support for your applications

Protect your business data.

Protect your critical business data with a secure, integrated infrastructure:

  • Enforce your policy for using the Internet with Security Acceleration Server
  • Easily perform backups and take advantage of disaster recovery protection for your critical business data.
  • Make sure your business stays up and running on a platform that's straightforward to install and manage

Grow your business at a price you can afford.

As your business grows, so too can your business management solution, and the server upon which it's built—all within an affordable budget:

  • Three versions of OpenPro Web Based SQL software are now available.
  • OpenPro On-Line ERP - ASP model for only $99.00 per month per user.
  • OpenPro Standard ERP
  • OpenPro Enterprise ERP
  • OpenPro Software create new functionality with a fully open environment that's ideal for businesses looking for one solution that can adapt to changing needs and growth; design industry-specific solutions and start with cost-effective implementations

Connect employees, partners, and customers wherever they're located.

Work without barriers in a global market:  People can work from home, office or even clients sites.

  • Connect more easily with suppliers and customers via e-mail or instant messaging
  • Connect information and processes with open access to data across your business, and between OpenPro Standard and other programs you may have
  • Share files, schedules, and other critical information in a way that is easy to find and update using Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.
  • Drive revenue growth with smarter management of customer relationships
  • Give people business information in the language and currency of their choice

Focus on business, not on IT issues.

For smaller, growing businesses with limited IT resources, OpenPro Standard keep it simple:

  • Integrated and simplified installation and management tools can help you spend more time using the technology and less time on maintenance
  • OpenPro Standard applications are designed to meet the needs of small businesses with little or no IT involvement, so you can get up and running fast
  • Your local OpenPro Certified Business Solutions Partner can offer affordable training, service, and support when you need it, and help you understand how to get the most from your system

Install quickly and easily.

The automated, integrated setup can make it a snap to get the server up and running alongside the business solution:

  • Both OpenPro ASP ERP and OpenPro Standard ERP offer straightforward, wizard-driven installation, setup, and maintenance
  • You can get your server up and running in as little as 15 minutes, with minimal disruption to your business processes

Run your small business on a proven platform.

You can manage increasing transaction volumes in your OpenPro Standard system without increasing your technology investments:

  • You get virtually unlimited storage capacity for OpenPro Standard data because our ASP module gives unlimited storage.
  • OpenPro Software built on the award-winning  Server platform, which set a new standard for performance and dependability

Reach more customers and serve them better-24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Combine OpenPro Software and  Servers and get a powerful way to increase customer satisfaction:

  • Host your own e-mail and establish a Web presence
  • Receive and make payments in any currency and change languages on the fly to send orders and invoices in your customers' languages
  • Modify customer orders at any point in the delivery cycle, make exceptions and last-minute changes instantly to your manufacturing processes, and deliver on what customers want with efficient item substitution for out-of-stock inventory

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