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Document Imaging and Content Management

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OpenPro - General Information.

Since its inception, OpenPro has been dedicated to producing technologically superior business software solutions and backing them with the finest implementation techniques and service.

Whether your corporate enterprise is comprised of distributed locations or is a single facility, and regardless of organization size, the need to provide immediate access to mission-critical documents, e-mail, business system financial reports and related structured database information is universal.

The ability to manage and control information across networks and among collaborative workgroups and their corresponding business processes is essential in todays competitive business environment.

Developed using the open source PHP product manages documents throughout their life-cycle, from authoring and/or capture through review, approval, distribution, change/revision and dissemination to their destruction. It provides robust, high-performance content management functionality (document and e-mail management, records management, enterprise report management, and enterprise application integration) and business process automation (workflow) for the enterprise and beyond to the Internet, corporate Intranet, and Extranet.

OpenPro - What is the benefit.

Now you can scan in invoices for payables, attached those invoices to the voucher for payment. If at any point in time someone request to view or reprint the invoice, just pull up the invoice and reprint.

Not only invoice, but through out the system, sales order, work order, bill of materials, customers, vendors, contracts, etc. Like with all OpenPro Products all you need is a web browser.

  • Easy to use, can be integrated with Cad/Cam systems and other document
  • systems.
  • The attachments can be standard documents like word, excel,  PDF, text, TIF, JPG, and other formats.
  • Security at the Department, Folder, Document Type, and Specific Document levels.
  • Security rights assigned at the individual user or group level.
  • Seamless integration with OpenPro ERP and transactions.
  • Tightly integrated Content Management and Business Process Automation/Workflow Functionality.
  • Native Database connectivity to Oracle and SQL Server. Connectivity to any ODBC and OLE DB data source including DB2.
  • Comprehensive auditing features capture actions taken in the system by users.
  • Extensive out-of-the-box system monitor/auditing reporting.
  • User licenses are based on a true concurrent licensing model.
  • AutoIndexing feature maximizes the efficiency of loading and indexing documents by seamlessly connecting to other data sources/applications in the enterprise to retrieve index information. This is achieved without the need for additional development software or tools.


  • Dynamic workflow steps to individuals or groups can be created on the "fly"
  • The workflow system allows users to design and deploy their processes entirely within the user interface without modifying application code. The process is handled entirely in an HTML based interface requiring no extra software or tools.
  • Advanced scripting and 26 different types of workflow steps allow the creation of very simple or complex processes.
  • Different Versions of a process can be maintained and deployed in the system.
  • Workflow notification through Email, Instant Messaging or work flow queue.
  • Workflow steps can be created, extended or modified through a Workflow API.

OpenPro - Has the fastest implementation schedule our industries fastest and least expensive implementation available.


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