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Features and Paperless Workflow

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Using the latest technologies from Microsoft, Linux and XML, OPEN PRO can now make system integration easy.

OpenPro - Quality focused on the solution

Since its inception, Openpro has been dedicated to producing technologically superior business software solutions and backing them with the finest implementation techniques and service.

OpenPro - Designed to run on the web

First and Best complete ERP system that is designed to run on the WEB. Since we started from scratch with OpenPro as a web-based product, it performs exceptionally.

OpenPro - Paperless Work Flow Design


Built-in work flow analysis is where the business processes are documented with the business system process. This makes everyone aware of any problems in the process, from a simple credit check issue, to shortages in the manufacturing process.



With Openpro you have access to a product called Universal Integration Manager.

Universal Integration Manager is an OPENPRO program that will import any records from other systems directly into the database of your choice for one of the fastest conversions to a new system. Universal Integration Manager has smart logic to link the correct tables during the import process. It is the first and only standards-based, best-in-class solution that fully meets the key objectives of enabling organizations to deploy end-to-end, industry-specific business processes while reducing the cost, complexity, and time of cross-application integration.

Universal Integration Manager transforms application integration from a complex and expensive technical challenge into the strategic ability to implement customer-facing business processes across and beyond the enterprise.

This enterprise software runs on any system, open archticture.



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