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OpenPro ERP General Ledger Overview

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OpenPro's open source ERP system provides accounting software for manufacturing companies of all sizes. Because of OpenPro's modular design, manufacturers can select the modules that meet their needs today, with the confidence that they can add new capabilities at any time. OpenPro modules include: financials, manufacturing, distribution, customer relation management, and e-commerce. The financial module includes all the capabilities required for manufacturing company accounting:

For small manufacturers who simply need a complete business financial solution, OpenPro's software can be used as a

complete standalone manufacturing accounting system that includes General Ledger, job cost, AP and AR, check reconciliation, fixed assets, payroll HRS, and budgets.

An executive dashboard plus a broad range of reports provides decision-making information for all your business needs.

For larger manufacturers who need more capabilities from their manufacturing ERP software, OpenPro offers a complete range of functions, including:

For very large and global manufacturers, OpenPro provides all the capabilities required, including:

Complete Accounting Software for Manufacturing Companies of All Sizes: OpenPro provides powerful ERP software that is cost-effective, comprehensive and flexible.

We offer a variety of implementation and hosting options. Small and large manufacturers choose OpenPro for more value and more features in their manufacturing accounting software. Since 1998 we have been delivering Web-based ERP software solutions to small and mid-sized companies, and international enterprises.

The General Ledger module is the heart of any accounting system. The Chart of Accounts and a company's income statement and balance sheet are maintained in the General Ledger. Since OpenPro's General Ledger module is flexible and customizable, it is useful for any sized business.

Because all OpenPro systems are fully web-based, data is available everywhere, which provides mobility and flexibility for your business.

OpenPro web-based Financials helps you save time, reduce administrative costs and gain better control over your business by automating a wide range of accounting related tasks. It is a highly reliable and integrated series of business applications that delivers a flexible, scalable and full featured total management solution.

The Financial software is compliant with US-FASB, IASB, IFRS, and SOX standards, and meets GASB requirements. It can handle government and non-profit accounting standards.

OpenPro Financials has a variety of features and options built into it. The Financials module is a fully integrated system with OpenPro Distribution, CRM, Manufacturing, and E-commerce; it also works well as a stand-alone module. OpenPro is ideal for companies standardizing on web-based technologies; OpenPro is a cost-effective, easy to implement business software solution that delivers internet-ready accounting and business management capabilities to your business.

Financials is a full service module, flexible enough to handle multiple companies in various ways. In addition to providing maximum flexibility, the financial system gives you fast and easy access to the information you need for day-to-day tasks and period-end processing.

OpenPro Financials module includes Job Cost, Executive Desktop, General Ledger, Budgets, Fixed Assets, Accounts Receivable, Check Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, and Payroll/Human Resources.



  • Maintain custom form layouts for printed forms used throughout all of OpenPro.
  • Export all report data to an external file. Data types supported include ASCII text, delimited, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, HTML, RTF or Microsoft Word.
  • Output any report to the screen, a printer or a variety of file formats.
  • Create customized, presentation-quality reports through OpenPro Executive Desktop and Crystal Reports software.
  • Consolidated or separate financial statements available as well as reporting prior years.

Application Features

  • General Ledger is the heart of the accounting system. The Chart of Accounts and a company's statements are maintained in the General Ledger. Because of the flexibility of the OpenPro General Ledger application, it can be used by any business.
  • Run reports for all prior years, complete drill down to data entry screens with security and know who processed the transaction.
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable: Manage your vendors and customers. Flexible enough to meet any business' needs, while still being able to streamline, saving time and cutting costs.
  • Check Reconciliation: Keep track of all your deposits and payments with an easy to use balancing system.
  • Fixed Assets: Record company assets and automatically calculate depreciation expenses. Supports several methods of depreciation and automatically posts expenses.
  • Payroll/HR: Maintain your employee's records electronically. With 128 bit encryption, the system is secure enough to keep your most sensitive documents safe. Payroll supports a variety of special functions ranging from calculating payroll checks with individual deductions to maintaining information required for state and federal reports.
  • Job Cost/Project Management: Provides management information you need to quickly identify project costs that are out of line with budget estimates and requirements.
  • Budgets: Keep track of what you are spending; compare your budget with actual amounts.
  • Executive Desktop: Create graphic reports of the company status, from budget charts to manufacturing work orders. Executive Desktop allows you to create specific graphs for each user type.


Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your sensitive Accounts Payable records are safe from unauthorized access.

  • Set up specific security groups, thus limiting access to a defined group of users.
  • Establish access permissions, such as display only, excluded, add/change/delete, or supervisory.

OpenPro System Wide Features

Since 1998, OpenPro has been the first fully web-based ERP solution on the market. OpenPro product uses Open Source LAMP Technology as a based product and has advanced AJAX controls to easily customize and change system features.

OpenPro has a built in PHP Report writer and also works with several external report writers on the market. OpenPro includes Business work flow and Business Intelligence for giving status of each one of its 30+ modules. All modules include built-in document imaging. All the modules are multi-currency and multi-language capable. OpenPro is available in nine languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese. OpenPro also is designed to handle US and International VAT taxes. OpenPro has over 75 distributors and over 200 developers around the world.

OpenPro is designed to work with a wide range of industries, including Professional Services, Banking and Accounting, Financial markets, Government and Non-profit (Federal, Local and State governments, School administration, Central Government, Safety and Security, Social Services, E-government), Healthcare and life sciences (Product Lifecycle Management PLM Planning and Implementation, Engineering and analysis, manufacturing, PDM), Insurance, Retail, Telecommunications, E Commerce and web management, Manufacturing (Production operations, ERP Planning), Fabrication and assembly, Media and Entertainment, Customer Service (CRM), Leads management, Warranty and service, Supply Chain Distribution, and wholesale distribution.

OpenPro has three major deployment methods: Software as a Service (SAAS) where you get started using OpenPro in one day and pay a low monthly fee for the application; Easy ERP solution for SMB market; and Enterprise solution to run on your own servers.

OpenPro is a very powerful web-based solution designed to run on most any client platform, by using your existing web browser (zero foot print).

Accounting Periods: The accounting periods are user defined and may be kept open as long as required, with multiple periods open at the same time. Any transaction may be corrected until the period is closed.

Account Number Format: The flexible up to 64 digit alphanumeric account number format allows companies to enter any existing Chart of Accounts, which facilitates the setup of the General Ledger record.

General Journal Entries: General Ledger allows interactive entry, editing and posting of general journal transactions.

Interaction with other Modules: General Ledger is updated by all of the other modules as data is processed, allowing "real-time" reporting.

Financial Statements: Financial statements are formatted by the user and interim financial statements can be produced via a "trial close" process. The financial statements include budget comparisons.

Reports: General Ledger produces a number of reports including a listing of all ledgers and journals, Chart of Accounts, general journal entries, trial balances, audit reports and the income statement and balance sheet.

The general journal posts miscellaneous transactions against all subsystems. This eliminates additional accounting steps and assures accurate cross referencing.

General Ledger Features:

  • Direct interface from other modules within OpenPro
  • Import existing data from other systems
  • Direct link to FRX financial report writer
  • Date and time stamp notes on customers and transactions
  • Drill down to the original document
  • Multi-currency
  • Send document by fax, email, printer
  • Audit trial reporting
  • Timely information improves cash flow and reduces bad debt losses
  • Detailed and summary aged listings
  • Reprint invoices
  • Customizable financial reports
  • User definable accounting periods
  • Multiple years open at the same time
  • Integrated spreadsheet exporter
  • Recurring and standard journal entry distribution profiles
  • Detailed and summary Trial Balance reports
  • Cash flow reporting
  • Income statement generation for specific profit centers
  • User definable GL account number structure up to 64 characters

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