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OpenPro (HRMS) Human Resources Management System overview

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OPEN-PRO Human Resource Management System has a variety of special functions, ranging from automate employee data, to keeping effective and up-to-date employee records. The number of employees that can be processed is limited only by disk capacity. The system supports a variety of user defined fields and pay periods, and different employee classifications. OpenPro has advance features like web based application control, document imaging, integration with email and faxing, these features can help your business keep track of applicants and streamline your recruitment management.

Employee File integrates with payroll system and time card system: The Employee File contains both personal (name, address, phone, etc.) and payroll (tax number, pay rate, expense account, charge rate, etc.) information.

Keep effective, up-to-date employee records.

Manage employee salaries and pay grades.

Track employee benefit plans.

Document employee performance and attendance.

Create employee policy records.

Manage government compliance and organizational reporting requirements.

Pre-employee processing with OpenPro on-demand technology helps you Acquire, Screen and bring on Board new employees quickly.

Acquire: Finding high quality candidates is challenging. Improve the quality of your staffing process with a consistent methodology. Proactively build a talent pipeline, recruit track and manage candidates.

Screen: Lack of thorough screening can expose your company to legal liability, loss of customers, and loss of productivity. Background screening services with compliance support reduce risk and enhance time-consuming process. Screen candidate backgrounds, select with ease and comply with current HR legislation are very important features of the OpenPro HRMS module.

Bring on Board: Hiring quality talent is tough enough. Protect your organization's brand and new hire retention is important. Manage provisioning, gather legal documents and collect and integrate data are parts of the OpenPro HRMS system to streamline the process.

Advance forms of HR information management: Depending on your organization's size and requirements, OpenPro offers a variety of flexible and integrated HR solutions to help your business.

Human Resource Position: The position portion of the human resources (HR) module allows management to define positions and requirements for those positions. It also establishes text that can be displayed when positions are posted to be filled. The position listing portion of the HR module allows management to post job to an external web page that applicants can view and submit applications

Human Resource Applicants: The applicants portion of the human resources (HR) module allows management to receive, edit, search, and archive applications for employment. It also allows management of applicant contact data, interview data, ranking of applicants, and converting applicant data into employee data.

Human Resource Incidents: Documents any on or off work incidents to help from potent ial legal issues, and OSHA requirements. The incident portion of the human resources (HR) module allows management to define, track, and report on incidents that occur within a company whether they are commendations, reprimand, or safety incidents. The incidents page is where one looks up existing incidents or creates a new one. From here one may select the new incident link, select an existing incident by clicking its label in the category column, enter search criteria to filter the incidents listed, or sort the incidents listed

Human Resources Training: The training portion of the human resources (HR) module allows management to define, track, and report on training requirements for positions, training available, training held, training given, training completed, and training needed. The training type page is where one defines the training that is desired to be tracked. The training for position page is where the training types are assigned to positions. The training held page is where training types and dates are attached to employees reflecting the training completed by each employee.

Reports: The system produces many reports, including listings of all employees, deductions, payroll costs for selected periods, and checks issued. The system prints all information required for the 941 Quarterly Report and W-2 forms as required by the IRS at year-end.

Also integrated with this HRMS system is payroll module is a TIME CARD MODULE.

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