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OpenPro Job Cost Module

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The Job Costing module tracks all costs related to a specific job or project. The Job Costing module provides all management of information you need to quickly identify project costs that are out of line with budget estimates and requirements.

For Larger, goverment or commercial projects OpenPro has a DCAA compliant Project Management system that includes a complete SDLC.

Flexible Job and Activity Codes: Each job can have an unlimited number of tasks or activities related to it.

Budget Comparison: The Job Costing module monitors each job's activities, comparing the actual and budgeted figures in terms of units (labor hours) and dollars.

Interaction with other Modules: The system allows interactive entry, editing and posting. The General Ledger work-in-process account is updated as costs are accumulated; costs and inventory statuses are thereby reflected in the financial statements.

Reports: The Job Costing module creates a variety of reports including a listing of all or selected jobs, work-in-process journal, and cost and budget reports.

Existing jobs with budgeted and actual labor, material, and overhead rates can be used in structuring new projects and providing comparative information to determine appropriate pricing.


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