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OpenPro Manufacturing Material Requirements Planning

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OpenPro has a complete manufacturing system that includes: estimating, quoting, sales order processing, configurator, work order processing, production scheduling, labor tracking, job costing, and shipping the product.
Multi-site Planning
OpenPro Multi-site Planning manages materials and capacity planning over single or multiple sites, using planning networks, master schedules and supply/demand data. It generates action lists and messages with direct links to supply/demand details. Material and capacity data can be displayed graphically at various levels of aggregation. Master schedules can be produced in tabular or graphical formats, with multi-level scheduling allowing finished products with similar requirements to be arranged in product families. The Standard Sales & Operations Planning format is also supported.

Make to Order/Project with OpenPro's Sales Order Product Configurator
OpenPro's Product Configurator provides a unique concept for manufacturing in a project context; with its flexibility to connect shop orders, Dynamic Product structures, and purchase orders directly to manufacturing work order activities, you can efficiently plan both demand and supply of material and track project costs in details. Project inventory enables efficient material handling within projects. When the material is received to inventory, it belongs to specific project activities. The material planning can be performed within project activities, within the entire project or by using planned netting groups by defining specific activities, sub projects etc. to be planned together. Most inventory functionality can be performed in the project context, and material can be transferred between project activities, and between project inventory and standard inventory.

Engineer to Order
OpenPro's Engineer to Order makes customer-specific design easier to handle by integrating projects and product structures. The ordered product structures can be a combination of standard products and project-specific structures. Procurement is initiated by the project plan, and every change can be registered, ensuring optimal flexibility, control and cost-effectiveness in the delivery project. Since OpenPro has document imaging built-in, you can attach cad/cam drawings to the Order, Bills and Labor Routings.

Make | Configure | Assemble to Order | Batch Processing
OpenPro's Make | Configure | Assemble to Order | Batch Processing Mix Mode operations manages and simplifies production to order, from advanced MTO to simple ATO, and for order-unique design as well as characteristics-based configuration and standard products. OpenPro supports full-level pegging to any user-definable structure level together with a partial MRP calculation. The pegging is utilized for actual costing, progress monitoring and up- or downstream propagation of changes in supply and demand, in dates or in quantities. Combined with OpenPro's Constraint-Based Scheduling, full APS functionality with both material and capacity constraints is supported. For configured products, a hierarchical structure allows you to define configured products that consist of other configured products on many levels. The structure and routings for each specific case are then calculated based on defined configuration rules and given characteristics for the actual order. Unique order structures, with unique routings, can also be created and maintained based on standard BOMs/routings or custom engineering. The structures can be reused and graphically compared to standard or other unique order structures. Order promising functionality helps determine when the finished product will be ready, based on prevailing conditions.

Automatic Scheduling
OpenPros Constraint-Based Automatic Scheduling optimizes the production schedule based on the critical resources that limit production capacity, such as material, equipment, tools and personnel. It centers on an interactive Gantt chart with sophisticated drag-and-drop planning. Scheduling can be done both manually and with the help of advanced algorithms, with or without finite capacity multi-site multi-level capability check; enhanced capable-to-promise (CTP) functionality provides the user with an advanced tool for accurate delivery time estimation.

OpenPro Costing supports various cost schemes, from traditional to activity-based costing. The powerful graphical tools provide advanced analysis, such as break-even and optimal price based on elasticity. For product costing, users can work with an unlimited number of historical, current and future cost sets, with user-defined buckets for materials, labor, machines and overhead. Order-based estimates, standard and actual, are created for each manufacturing order, and variances are analyzed. There is also strong functionality for Kaizen costing and value engineering.

Batch Process
OpenPro's Batch Process introduces batch balancing and recipes to SFC Applications. The recipe functionality opens up new opportunities for companies for whom weight-percentage and density are important parts of the business. Recipes include functionality for yield, revision control and alternates, making it a powerful tool. Batch balancing is a perfect planning tool for organizing and optimizing the production of restricting batches. The component can be combined with other planning tools, such as OpenPro's Demand Planning and IFS master scheduling functionality. Typically, the functionality is used in the paint & adhesives, food & beverages, and pharmaceutical industries.  OpenPro has detail lot control and serial number tracking, so we are also able to handle FDA 21 CFR part 11 requirements.

Repetitive Production
OpenPro's Repetitive Production allows you to create production schedules manually or automatically using data from the OpenPro Master Production Planning component. With MPS a hybrid pull/push system is created, using MRP to generate a supplier schedule plan and dimension the Kanban circuit. Schedules can span multiple production lines. Takt time calculation and production line management and analysis are included. The component also provides full support for manual or electronic Kanban systems.

Shop Order
OpenPro's Shop Floor Control manages the execution of manufacturing and assembly with support for many production models. In addition to the extensive support for all stages in the shop order flow and handling of material, machines and labor operations, there is advanced functionality for handling tools and bar codes, as well as balancing divergent order flows. Multi-level serial and lot/batch tracking is fully supported. Both BOMs and recipes can be used with date or serial effectivity. Shop Order is closely integrated with Costing and Inventory, ensuring proper cost control and efficient use of different inventory valuation methods for manufactured parts.

OpenPro Manufacturing has flexible control to improve all types of manufacturers.

We designed the OpenPro system for the fastest implementation in the business.

Our OpenPro MRP Software possesses intelligent mixed-mode manufacturing capabilities and offers unparalleled flexibility. This agile system supports a variety of manufacturing modes and combinations, including Make-to-Stock, Make-to-Order, and Assemble-to-Order. OpenPro manufacturing software is appropriate for both limited production and repetitive manufacturing environments. Our OpenPro MRP package delivers the power and flexibility your business requires. It uses 32/64-bit technology and an ODBC-compliant database to provide fast and reliable usability for demanding manufacturing environments. The training and implementation by a professional services consultant will be bundled as needed with the software. This will include training, implementation, and project management. Additional professional services are available to meet your unique requirements.

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