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OpenPro Mobile applications for Custom Applications Module Overview

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Custom Applications

For 10+ years OpenPro has done custom mobile applications, that makes it quick for us to give you what you want for very little cost. We have hunderds of completed mobile applications that we can pull from and put together into a new custom application for you and your organization.

OpenPro mobile products and run all all the latest portable devices, phones, tablets, laptops.

OpenPro Mobile lets you Quickly Develop, deply and manage high quality mobile applications

Custom applications we can quote in a day

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Application developement can be Native, web or hybrid approach

Many standard applications completed we can make quick changes to

Custom Applications reports are based upon product, category, sub-category or by customer.

Custom Applications can connect to your existing ERP solution, via SOAP xml, sql, web services and several other methods.

Connect to all servers

OpenPro mobile products can be cloud based (asp, saas, on-demand) or on premise.

Application control

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