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OpenPro Business Services

OPENPRO Business Services
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OpenPro can not only provide you with world class technology, but the people to run your business operations. Our service+technology solutions includes a total office environment. We can provide the services that help you run your business more efficiently, save substantial costs, and make more productive use of your time.

business processes may not drive your business, but without a reliable services, no business will be able to grow let alone survive. By right sourcing some or all of your data entry functions to OpenPro, you can focus on your core business while ensuring that all data entry tasks will be completed on schedule.

Most small and medium-sized companies feel that outsourcing core processes of their business is more profitable than right sourcing the data entry processes. However, for many businesses engaged in an right sourcing relationship, openpro is proving to be a great way to maximize productivity and efficiency, leading to a more profitable and competitive business.

By right sourcing your Business Service processes to OpenPro, you realize a full range of benefits including obtaining quality results at a fraction of your usual expenses as compared to your existing business cost structure.

Unique Flexible Pricing Model

OpenPro's analytic team closely analyzes your current costs of maintaining the Business Service operations of your business. We work with you to determine the true costs of the Business Service as a percentage of gross sales.

This analysis enables us to determine how much we can save you going forward by offering pricing as a fixed percentage of sales. Annual savings can range from 25% to 40%. Business owners can also control operating costs for such things as seasonality, growth, and business contraction.

Our pricing model is a great tool for business owners to more accurately predict costs and manage their business operations. The model can convert fixed costs to variable, which allows for smoother growth or contraction for businesses.

OpenProp's software license fees are bundled into the cost of its Business Service solutions.


Business right sourcing is an increasingly popular trend. For example, few businesses today maintain an internal staff for payroll processing, choosing instead from among the many payroll companies for this aspect of their business. While businesses may change payroll providers, few would elect to bring this function back into the daily operations.

OpenPro's Business Service solutions are at the cutting edge and next step in the trend of right sourcing. We combine state of the art open source technology that we wrote ourselves (not a third party product), along complete business service solutions, cloud based technology, and other business and finance consulting services to help your business grow and prosper.

Successful Implementation

We shine when it comes to implementation and a smooth transition. After all, we wrote the software and understand your industry. VOIP lines to our service center are installed for yours and your customer's convenience, and we will provide first class service for all of your Business Service needs.

We work fast - it can take us just 30 days to implement a transaction to our Business Service. Our library of transfer programs includes most commercial accounting packages in the market, so moving your data can be a relatively easy process.

We take the time with you and your professionals to fully understand your business engineering and processing needs, always mindful of the personal aspect of our service. As part of the transition, our technical consultants will help you train your staff to for any remaining ongoing tasks ongoing procedures such as selection of additional modules, handling print documentation on demand and interfacing with our customer service staff. We will also help you set up security and establish users and peripheral devices such as printers on your OpenPro system.

And, if you are like many of our customers who have a lean IT staff or may not even have one at all, you'll find that our experts are an invaluable resource for additional help with your technical decisions throughout the transition and beyond.

Enhanced Business Lender Relationships

Businesses can enhance their relationships with their business lenders with OpenPro's Business Service solutions. OpenPro's technology is in the "Cloud" and therefore accessible on a permission basis. By providing loan officers with access to your business records, lenders can receive up to date information on the status of your business and increase their comfort level. Access can be configured to all or partial information in the system as you wish.

In particular, manufacturers and distributors can achieve success with lenders by providing near real time access to inventory information generally available to lenders on a periodic basis. Lenders can potentially become more comfortable advancing funds on inventory with more timely information.

Ask us about specialized business loan insurance for inventories and determine your eligibility.

10061 Talbert Avenue # 200
Fountain Valley, California 92708 USA
Voice: (714) 378-4600
Fax: (714) 964-1491

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